Into the whole study procedure on final results, another writers (MK, RTS, ALM, EA and you will Such as for instance) were inside

Into the whole study procedure on final results, another writers (MK, RTS, ALM, EA and you will Such as for instance) were inside

From inside the analysis, i utilized NVivo ten/App to get ready this new large text matter, making it easier to go back and you can forth between interviews text, themes, and you can reflective cards. CC started commenting before the conversation of one’s conclusions come. Undertaking phenomenological research concerns a set of studies collection and investigation things that are inseparable (van Manen, 1990 ). For every interviews was read and you can reread individually from the about three of your own writers, to capture the main concept of the brand new interview overall. To the 10 informants which have whom we had a follow-upwards interviews, the 2 interviews out-of for every girl were realize general. Each of the people came up with tips for first themes according to research by the interviews(s) off for each woman and round the all the female. After that, the complete lookup class together compared the new first layouts considering interview away from each lady and you can round the all female. In the end, because of the highlighting on distinctions across most of the original templates, three finally themes emerged one to together make-up the most concept of the latest occurrence of being pregnant and ambivalent in the first trimester. In this procedure, this new four practical lifeworld layouts, otherwise existentials, necessary by van Manen, was basically useful once the instructions to possess meditation. The reflective issues had been: Exactly how was the fresh existed human body, new lived go out, this new existed space, together with lived relationships experienced by the woman when she is actually undecided? Was in fact this type of existed feel not the same as committed just before she turned pregnant?

On these process off reflection, the skill of composing and you will spinning are out-of essential significance (van Manen, 1990 ). What is actually contacted to recapture the essential definition or chief dependence on the brand new interview total. With the ten informants that have who we had a follow-right up interviews, both reviewed interview from each girl was basically synthesized. Aspects or services of your own sensation “becoming being unsure of from the whether to possess a keen abortion” have been described as book and you may original layouts of all the 13 women’s existed feel. In the long run, from the reflecting toward parallels and variations round the all the original layouts, three latest templates came up you to definitely together with her compensate the absolute most concept of the fresh new experience of being pregnant and you will ambivalent in the 1st trimester.

Moral considerations

The head of your own on it healthcare divisions together with Regional Panel for Scientific and you may Fitness Look Ethics () accepted the study, which had been developed in conformity on Helsinki ). Professionals was recruited off some other parts to safeguard privacy. The ladies received authored facts about the analysis and an invite to become listed on. It gave created concur. The latest specialist had the women in private conference-bed room on hospitals otherwise within college in your neighborhood in which the female have been employed. A trained nurse try available after the interview.


The fresh results expose this new event discussed of the quick subset out of pregnant women have been being unsure of on the whether to keeps a keen abortion. From the confirmation of the maternity, the women was basically confronted with her maturity and you will faced a beneficial brand new facts. It knowledgeable the selection-and also make processes while the a lonely travels towards the a particular completion during the and that the viewpoints were confronted. It demonstrate the onderzoek de site different aspects of the responsibility the ladies explained when being forced to generate a separate choice inside a preliminary schedule.

Dealing with your individual maturity

The pregnancy designed that female was basically thrown towards the possible you to challenged its lifestyle tactics. The ladies’ responses and thinking relied on the readiness. When expecting, the brand new timing regarding their age, partnerships, and you will attention to assistance became prominent. Women’s considerations and you can event you will alter from inside the short-time it needed to determine whether to cancel the latest maternity and was influenced from the real circumstances and you can changing feelings.

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